Asset Management Solutions

One Location, Any Device, All of Your Equipment

DC International, Inc.'s Asset Tracking solution is the most modern, comprehensive and extensible solution on the market. Delivering real-time content in a fully customizable dashboard environment, you and your team can relax knowing your equipment is where it should be.

Our asset management solutions include:

  • Accurate and fast real-time GPS equipment location
  • Rapid leasee job creation and monitoring
  • Multi-user system with customizable access
  • Comprehensive asset grouping and custom data fields
  • Geo-fence support
  • Full SMS, email and internal notifications

At The Core

Asset and Equipment Tracking

If you lease it out, we’ll tell you where it is 24x7x365. DCI offers direct asset GPS tagging.


We understand you can't always be attached to your computer. DCI’s asset tracking solution delivers real-time customized notifications to your mobile device.


Gone is the era of static web applications and cumbersome interfaces. DCI’s asset tracking solution offers a sleek, comprehensive, customizable dashboard suited to your needs.

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